Timothée Chalamet Came To ‘Barbie’ Set & Told Greta Gerwig He ‘Should’ve Been In This’

Greta Gerwig has revealed major stars who almost appeared in “Barbie!” In a recent interview with Hollywood First Look, the 40-year-old director revealed she asked her “Lady Bird” and “Little Women” stars Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan to make cameo appearances in the record-breaking film, but Greta revealed why it wound up not happening. “I tried to get them both in it. They both couldn’t do it. Although Timothée did come by the set and then said, ‘I should have been in this,’ And I was like, ‘I know! Why aren’t you in this,'” she said. Timothée and Saoirse weren’t the only actors who couldn’t make “Barbie” fit into their schedule. The film’s casting directors revealed in July that Bowen Yang, Dan Levy and Ben Platt were all in the running to play versions of Ken in the film but scheduling conflicts prevented it from happening. Jonathan Groff is also said to have been up for the role of Ken’s long-suffering friend Allan before Michael Cera landed the part.