Why Mindy Kaling Doesn’t Use The Term ‘Guilty’ Pleasures

Mindy Kaling doesn’t believe in guilty pleasures. “I only believe in pleasures,” she told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. “I think it’s because ‘guilty pleasures’ is something that women talk about…it’s called a guilty pleasure if it’s a romantic comedy or something, but men aren’t like ‘I love football that’s my guilty pleasure.’” Zuri spoke to Mindy and ‘Never Have I Ever’ star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan about what other shows they binge. While Mindy indulges in “Selling Sunset” and murder shows, Maitreyi says true crime is the genre she gravitate towards. “I also love true crime stuff and just like knowing about serial killers. I could tell you a lot of facts. It’s fun, but like, you know, scary.” Maitreyi said. The ladies are hoping other people add their Netflix show to their own list of pleasures. Mindy created the teenage romance series, and Maitreyi plays the lead character. Season 2 of ‘Never Have I Ever’ is streaming now on Netflix.