Trisha Yearwood Reveals Her Secret Signal To Tell Garth Brooks That She’s In The Mood

Things are heating up for Trisha Yearwood! Country star Trisha Yearwood spilled the beans to hosts Kit Hoover and Scott Evans when talking about her love life with husband Garth Brooks on Access Daily. When asked about what meal she cooks for Garth when she is in the mood, Trisha said, “Well I have to tell you, the symbol for that in our household is this,” which she follows with a snap. Trisha goes on to talk about her love with Garth by saying, “We put each other first… if you’re going to be in a relationship with another person, they have to be your priority. So when we got married fifteen years ago, we said ‘We’re not going to get together to be apart’ and we have made business decisions, career decisions, tour decisions based on our relationship and what’s best for our relationship and I think that’s been one of the big keys to why we’re sitting here more in love than on day one.”