Tom Hiddleston Says Owen Wilson Hasn’t Replaced His Chris Hemsworth Bromance: ‘There’s Enough Love For Both Of Them’

Tom Hiddleston has a new co-star by his side in “Loki”! The actor talked to Access Hollywood about working with Owen Wilson in the Disney+ series and assured us that the “Wedding Crashers” star hadn’t supplanted his Marvel bromance with Chris Hemsworth. “I think there’s enough love for both of them. There’s enough to go around,” he laughed. “Chris Hemsworth and I have done 10 years together, and in a way, playing Thor and Loki changed our lives at the same time. And I had the most fun with Owen, because it was suddenly a different dynamic and a different energy.” Tom also shared his favorite thing about portraying Loki over the years and teased what fans can expect from the new series. “Loki” premieres on Disney+ on June 9.