‘The Traitors’: Kevin Kreider On His Peter Suspicions, Voting For Phaedra & Wanting To Get Recruited

Kevin Kreider is looking back on his experience on “The Traitors.” The “Bling Empire” star, who was “murdered” by the Traitors in the show’s most recent episode, detailed his exit from the game to Access Hollywood and how he believes voting for Phaedra Parks at his last roundtable ended up putting a target on his back. He broke down his suspicions of ally Peter Weber, including his confusion over the recruitment process and the private conversation that made him think think twice about the “Bachelor” alum’s motives in the game. Kevin also shared his take on the dramatic Peter versus Phaedra roundtable that aired after his elimination and shared who he believes he would’ve voted for if he was there for it. Kevin also revealed that he had hoped to get recruited by the Traitors and shared how his alliance rubbing others the wrong way affected his game. New episodes of “The Traitors” stream Thursdays at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on Peacock.