‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ & ‘Men In Black’ Actor Sergio Calderón Dead At 77

“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” actor Sergio Calderón died on Wednesday in Los Angeles at 77. Sergio’s rep confirmed his death to NBC News. “Sergio passed away Wednesday morning surrounded by family at the time. He was in the hospital previously with a bout of pneumonia; not sure that was the cause,” the rep said. The actor, who was born in Coatlan del Rio, Morelos, Mexico, starred in 50 movies and TV shows over the past 60 years. One of Sergio’s well-known roles was as Captain Vallenueva in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” He also famously played the “head on a stick” held by an alien in “Men In Black.” Just days before his death, Sergio interviewed with The Los Angeles Times, and he admitted why he “loves” playing the villain. “I love to play those types of characters because people really hate me. They tell me in the streets how much they hate me. But to me, that is my success. Because that means I was able to convince people with what I performed,” he said.