Michael Douglas Explains His Concerns Over President Joe Biden’s Age Amid Election (Exclusive)

Michael Douglas’ latest project is shedding light on the issues going on in the United States. The Academy Award winning actor, executive produced and narrated “America’s Burning,” a documentary about the political divide in the U.S. Michael exclusively told Access Hollywood at the film’s premiere that the topic had been on his mind for years. “Well, it’s an issue that’s been really kind of really bothering me for a number of years, even before these last two elections,” he said. “So, when David Smick, who wrote this and directed it, brought it to me to do the voice over, I was sort of relieved. It was a real sense of finally saying, ‘Ok wow.’ He also had a good reason for what the problem was besides fake news and all that, it was just the economic chasm that’s happened.” On the carpet, the 79-year-old further clarified comments he made on “The View” about President Joe Biden amid his re-election campaign. “What are my concerns? The same concerns as everybody else has,” he said rereferring to President Biden’s age. “I love the guy. I’ve been supporting him for a long time. We initially had a fundraiser at our house too and so it’s a deep concern. Maybe not so much for tomorrow but I do worry about a year from now. So, I hope we can resolve this, either he or the party can get through it.” Michael, also weighed in on if he would ever run for President. “America’s Burning” hits theaters July 12.