Kaley Cuoco Reveals A Jonas Brothers Song Makes Her Daughter Matilda Stop Crying

The new mom and co-star Chris Messina sat down with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall recently to chat about their upcoming comedy thriller, and Kaley confirmed that being pregnant during the shoot became part of her character’s storyline. Baby Matilda is now two months old and Kaley confirmed that the little one is already growing up fast! In fact, it seems she’s developing a quick affinity for pop culture, especially music stars. “She loves the Jonas Brothers. I’m really serious, loves it. ‘Sucker.’ Play it for her when she cries and she’s like [widens eyes],” Kaley told Access. “I thought it was a fluke but I’ve done it a few times and she [widens eyes] looks around. So she’s going to have to meet them one day. Her idols.” Stream “Based on a True Story” starting June 8 on Peacock.