John Cena Thanks The BTS Army For Helping Him Finish His Book

John Cena is making a name for himself in the K-pop world! The WWE superstar joined Kit Hoover and Mario Lopez on Access Daily to discuss how he gained popularity from none other than K-pop group BTS. John said, “I want to thank actually the BTS army in a long way because when I started this project four years ago, I never knew how people would take to it. I posted a lot of stuff on social media and it’s a very argumentative forum. And when I started posting about self-love and self-worth was right around the time BTS was coming out with their albums based on the same. And the BTS army started this snowball going downhill of retweeting these tweets like crazy. So I thought I was onto something and began to look at who was retweeting them and it was all BTS members. So it actually connected me with K-pop and encouraged me to keep my idea going that I may be onto something.” Catch John Cena as the host of “Wipeout” on TBS, Thursdays at 9pm.