Gold-Medal Fencer Lee Kiefer Says Her Win Is ‘Shared’ With Olympian Husband: ‘Our Journeys Are Intertwined’

Olympic fencer Lee Kiefer just took home a gold medal, and the moment was made all the more special by having her husband, fellow Olympic fencer Gerek Meinhardt, competing in Tokyo too! “Our journeys are intertwined. We are each others’ main training partners, best friends, married two years, and so any medal is a shared medal. So we feel that same sense of pride – maybe even more pride for the other person,” she told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans of their support for each other. Lee also revealed she still hasn’t wrapped her head around her huge accomplishment: “People are like ‘Olympic champion Lee Kiefer.’ I’m like, it doesn’t sound right yet!” Check out the Tokyo Olympics on NBC.