Bradley Cooper Recalls Walking In On Jay-Z Watching ‘Judge Judy’ While Pitching A Film To Beyoncé

Bradley Cooper is looking back at an iconic experience meeting Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The actor met the famous couple a few years ago when he was trying to get the “Texas Hold ‘Em” songstress to play Ally in his 2018 film “A Star Is Born.” The role ultimately went to Lady Gaga, but during a recent interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, he recalled originally wanting Queen Bey to star in the film. When he went to pitch the film to the Grammy winner he had a hilarious run-in with her husband, Jay-Z. “I went to Beyoncé’s house, and JAY-Z was watching ‘Judge Judy,’ I still remember. I’m not kidding. And I was freaking [out]. I remember I had this weird cough when I was pitching it to her,” he said. After the project fell through with the “Renaissance” songstress, Bradley thought of pitching it to Adele but she was “busy.” Ultimately, he approached Lady Gaga after hearing her perform “La Vie En Rose” at a cancer benefit.