Zendaya Is ‘Grateful’ For Fan Support At ‘Challengers’ Premiere

Zendaya is taking in all the love at the “Challengers” premiere.

Although the two-time Emmy winner has been doing red carpets for over a decade, she worries that people won’t show up to her premieres!

Zendaya Aces ‘Challengers’ Fashion In Lacy Vera Wang Gown At Los Angeles Premiere

Zendaya Aces ‘Challengers’ Fashion In Lacy Vera Wang Gown At Los Angeles Premiere

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“I’m very, very grateful for this process,” she told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans at the “Challengers” Los Angeles premiere. “I think sometimes in general for me, it’s very hard to like to absorb it all but I’m super grateful and just people being here. I always assume at these things that no one is going to be there. It’s just my own anxiety. I’m like nobody is going to show up, it’s going to be like empty and awkward.”

A lot of A-listers showed up to the “Challengers” premiere on April 16, including tennis legend Venus Williams, and Zendaya admitted she was nervous for her to watch the movie.

Zendaya’s Show-Stopping 'Challengers' Press Tour Fashion

Zendaya’s Show-Stopping ‘Challengers’ Press Tour Fashion

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“Do you know how nervous I am about her seeing the tennis,” Zendaya joked. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’”

“Challengers” is already getting called a classic that has audiences at the edge of their seat the entire time and Josh O’Connor thinks the film’s score does a good job at keeping the suspense up.

“The music is like an amazing thing in the movie,” he told Access. “It feels like a 100-meter sprint. It’s like the gun goes off and from beginning to end you can barely catch your breath and I think that score really helps it along,” Josh O’Connor said.

“Challengers” hits theaters April 26.

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