‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro & Chantel See Each Other For First Time After Finalizing Divorce

The Family Chantel” is back for its final season and viewers are getting to see he aftermath of Pedro and Chantel’s split.

Chantel is living with her sister Winter and they have two adorable dogs, but Chantel is still reeling from her breakup with Pedro.

“The last nine months going through this divorce has been the hardest time of my life. Didn’t want to eat. I stopped going out. I’ve had more bad days than good days when it really hits me hard that my marriage is over,” she said. “In nine months. I haven’t spoken a word to my ex or even heard a thing from him. It’s insane to me that after being married for seven years, someone could just cut me off completely.”

Pedro shared his side of the story and revealed why he cut off contact with her, saying it was for legal reasons.

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In past seasons, viewers have seen Pedro not getting along with all of Chantel’s family, including her mom Karen. But Chantel is now saying she thinks her mom might have been right about Pedro all along.

“My mom said it from day one that Pedro and his family were out to get me, that he was using me for a green card and that he didn’t love me. But I chose to trust my husband and to go with my naive gut because I loved him. And in the end, joke’s on me because everything that my mom said was true,” she shared.

The divorce seems like it’s been messy. Pedro claims Chantel stole $60,000 from their joint account, but she says that’s all a lie.

Pedro also claims she’s tried to get him deported since they broke up.

“She spent $60,000 and tried to give me deported. I know Chantel opened a case to immigration because I got some letters by the government a couple of times. She even talk with immigration and say, you know, the whole marriage was a scam,” he said.

Later on, Chantel was driving to see her lawyer after hearing Pedro agreed to sign their divorce settlement and she broke down in tears thinking about the life she hoped to have with her ex.

Despite the tears, she is ready to move on with her life, so she signed the divorce papers saying they will split everything 50-50.

After finalizing their divorce, Chantel met up with her family to celebrate, and her parents are super happy that things are finally done between her and Pedro.

“He and his family devised a plan to get an American woman, get them to marry, and to bring him to the United States of America so that he can gain access to the American economy. And he can therefore bring his entire family up off of one woman, one strong woman, I must say, off of Chantel,” Karen said.

While they’re happy things are over with the former couple, they aren’t happy about the 50-50 settlement.

“I wish I could have been you because that boy wouldn’t have got nothing. I told her no, do not settle. Take him to court. You should have taken that scammer to court because you should have gotten alimony and the house,” Karen said.

Chantel told her fam that she has to see Pedro again in order to sell their house, and she isn’t looking forward to their reunion.

Pedro is also nervous about seeing her for the first time in nine months because he doesn’t know how things will go.

While on her way to meet with Pedro and the realtor, Chantel shared her suspicions that Pedro might have been cheating on her, but he says its not true.

They finally came face-to-face, and things were tense!

“After not seeing him for nine months, he’s been out of sight and out of mind. But seeing him really was just a reminder of how badly I was treated,” Chantel said.

Pedro mentioned he wanted to get his chair from the house, but Chantel wasn’t having it.

“Pedro mentions picking up his gaming chair. It’s his favorite gaming chair, but according to the terms in the divorce, everything inside the house, all of the furnishings belong to me, and they’re mine now. So there’s no chance he’s getting that gaming chair,” she said.

The episode ended on another dramatic note, with Chantel complaining about how Pedro is acting.

“I should have taken him to court, bled him for every penny and sent him packing back to the Dominican Republic,” she said.

“The Family Chantel” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC.

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