Taylor Swift’s ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ Music Video Directed By Blake Lively & Starring Miles Teller Has Major Wedding Vibes

Taylor Swift just surprised fans by dropping the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” starring Miles Teller as the groom and directed by Blake Lively.

The music video shows Miles Teller at his own wedding but he can’t get Taylor out of his head during the reception, where everyone is wearing white. Taylor appears wearing all red and drops hints of the color throughout the party until she finally appears in a white wedding gown and dances with the actor.

The “Red” singer teased the collaboration with Blake on Sunday by releasing a sneak peek of the upcoming video on Instagram.

“I finally got to work with the brilliant, brave, & wickedly funny @blakelively on her directorial debut. Join us as we raise a toast, and a little hell,” she wrote.

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The music superstar brought the house down on “Saturday Night Live” with a live rendition of the new 10-minute version of her 2012 hit, and she had a few famous friends on hand to celebrate the milestone! Taylor gave fans a peek at her and bestie Selena Gomez hanging out backstage. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were also spotted nearby and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner rounded out the A-list lineup at the afterparty.

While “I Bet You Think About Me” which features Chris Stapleton wasn’t initially released on her “Red” album, it was one of the tracks from the vault that just dropped in Red (Taylor’s Version” on Friday, November 12

Taylor spoke to Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans on Friday about re-recording her songs.

“I think recording it, really it was going back and trying to create as authentic as a replica of the originals as much as I could. With songs on the original album, I wanted them to sound exactly alike. Then with the vault tracks, I wanted it to be as creative as I could, so these are songs that no one has heard before so I wanted them to be the best version, the first impressions of these songs,” Taylor explained.

With fans outside singing her songs during the interview, Taylor couldn’t help but gush about how grateful she feels to have such a dedicated fan base.

“It’s really got my heart expanding. It’s insane! I love them so much. That’s what all this is about, I’m just so glad that they are having fun because I just want them to have fun this week because they filled my life with a lot of fun,” she said.

Taylor, who is known for hiding easter eggs in many of her social media posts, music videos and more, loves being the one to plan the surprises for her fans.

“It really was wonderful, when you have a secret, I love planning things secretly for them because they’re so rewarding,” Taylor said. “It’s so rewarding, I can’t believe they care that much, honestly, still.”

The 31-year-old also confessed to watching many fan created videos and social media posts about their theories trying to decode her secret messaging.

“They are the best detectives in the world and I love watching their theories too, I love looking at, I like scroll TikTok watching their theories so often, all the time. I love to just watch what they come up with because they are brilliant,” Taylor said.  “Also, I’m very into numerology, sometimes they find things that I didn’t even plan with math. 95% of the time I’m planning it but there’s sometimes where they’re like, ‘The math!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, the math!’”

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