Paola Mayfield Reveals How She Plans To Use ‘The GOAT’ Prize Money

Paola Mayfield is “The GOAT.”

The 37-year-old is the winner of the Prime Video reality series, and is taking home the $200,000 prize. She spoke with Access Hollywood and revealed her plans for the winnings.

“My husband (Russ) and I, we want to adopt, that’s a long process. This is definitely going to help. To celebrate, I feel like nothing crazy for now. We’re just focused on my husband getting back to do what he’s good at and just trying to fix our life because we just recently moved. But definitely adoption is going to happen. It’s not gonna happen anytime soon because it is not easy. But that’s kind of like what I have in mind for now,” she shared.

The “90 Day Fiancé” alum also talked about her decade-long relationship with husband Russ Mayfield.

“It hasn’t been easy to be honest. I feel like Russ and I (have) been like in a point that is, that, I don’t know. I feel like our love, our memories, everything that we went through in our relationship, that is what has been keeping this relationship alive,” she said.

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