Kate Winslet On Reuniting With Hugh Grant In HBO’s ‘The Regime’: ‘It Was Amazing’

Fans will see a new side of Kate Winslet when she channels an out-of-touch, fictional European chancellor in “The Regime.”

The new Max limited series follows an authoritarian Chancellor who is disconnected from society and is desperately trying to hang onto control.

For Kate, who also executive produced the series, portraying the Chancellor was a blast.

“Honestly, it was truly hilarious,” she told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Emily Orozco. “I mean every single day, there was some new discovery. We would come up with some new jokes, yet another horrendous thing that she says to somebody that you can’t help but laugh at. I mean she was just outrageous, so we found that the more I kind of you know pushed the envelope and just experimented the more fun we would ultimately have. It was brilliant. I loved it, I really loved it.”

The six-episode limited series also reunited Kate and her “Sense and Sensibility” co-star Hugh Grant!

For the Oscar winner, it was “amazing” to share the screen with her friend again.

“He kept saying to me, ‘How do you stay so calm, Winslet? How do you stay so calm? I envy your calm.’ And I said ‘Well, what’s the point in getting you know wound up or frustrated.’ And he was like, ‘Oh I know, dammit I need to be more like you.’ It was great,” she said. “But yeah, amazing to be back in front of a camera with him again and you know feel like I’ve kind of maybe earned my place at the table a little bit more alongside him.”

“The Regime” premieres Sunday, March 3 on Max.

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