How Sydney Sweeney’s Childhood Inspired Bai’s Newest Flavor: ‘Add Some Flavor To My Life’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Sydney Sweeney’s latest collaboration is a nod to her childhood!

The “Anyone But You” star debuted Bai’s newest flavor Raspberry Lemon Lime that she partnered with the company to create, revealing exclusively to Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco at the immersive experience and tasting in New York City on March 7 that the flavor was inspired by her childhood.

“I always try to find ways to bring my childhood and who I am into what I do today and make sure everything is always organic and me. [Berry-picking] was my favorite thing to do growing up and it’s my favorite flavor and it came to life!”

Sydney Sweeney/Access Hollywood

The actress also touched upon why this collaboration was the perfect fit.

“Being able to partner with Bai and create my own flavor Raspberry Lemon Lime has been so exciting and being able to bring this entire childhood memory to life for everybody is a dream come true,” the “Euphoria” actress said, adding, “I drink only water and I needed to add some flavor to my life!”

Sydney also shared her wellness tips which include hydration and keeping up with her skincare routine – and, of course, not forgetting sunscreen!

As to a wellness hack that might shock fans?  “I like to ice my face,” Sydney revealed, adding, “Ice is key!”

The Emmy-nominated actress also spoke about her recent “SNL” hosting gig, explaining a bit about the collaboration process with the writers and sharing just how “on-the-go” the experience is.

“I felt like I was in a cannon just getting shot out and I had to allow wherever I was going to land to land and trust everybody during the process. It’s just a giant roller coaster ride – you never know what’s going to happen – they change things left and right and you just go for it,” she divulged.

Despite nailing her monologue, Sydney revealed that she still felt stage fright, telling Access, “During the monologue my mouth got so dry – I was getting so nervous!”

And speaking of her monologue, the 26-year-old actress gushed over her “beautiful friendship” with “Anyone But You” co-star Glen Powell who came to support her hosting debut. “We’re such great friends,” she shared.

While Sydney has many exciting projects in the works, she gave a tease about “Euphoria” Season 3 saying, “I’m excited, I’m very excited to go back – but I can’t say anything!”

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