Hannah Waddingham & Juno Temple Recall ‘Emotional’ Final ‘Ted Lasso’ Scene They Filmed

“Ted Lasso” seems to be coming to an end with season 3, but Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple are grateful for their time together!

The co-stars turned besties spoke to Access Hollywood at the For Your Consideration Emmys event on Saturday night and they shared about their final scene together, which was “emotional,” but also opened a door for a potential spin-off series.

“My final scene was getting to show Rebecca the presentation that Keely had of AFC Richmond,” Juno said. “And that was our last one together and they actually did that on purpose for me because I had something else, I had to shoot earlier in the day, so they saved it for me so my last moment of the show could be with Hannah, and it was very emotional,” Juno revealed.

“It was kind, Jason [Sudeikis] was just like ‘Get them to shoot that last scene together,'” Hannah said before revealing the final scene she shot.

“And mine was in my Rebecca house, which is so lovely. Like a solo scene and then Jason came over from set and gave me a squeeze in Rebecca’s hallway and I was just like yeah finale,” Hannah shared.

The two actresses went on to share their feelings about the multiple Emmy nominations they have received over the years thanks to the hit Apple TV+ series.

“It’s chic isn’t it, four between us,” Hannah said while doing a shimmy dance, before Juno responded, “It’s so crazy when you say it like that!”

But besides the awards, Hannah, and Juno just love being able to hang out together, as the pair have become extremely close.

“I would just like to be able to hang out with this one as much as possible,” Juno said. With Hannah responding, “Yeah we don’t get to see each other that much, we play phone tag like absolute lunatics.”

Juno concluded, “So if [award shows] mean we get to hang out, I’m into it, but if not, we’ll find each other somewhere else.”

The season 3 finale of “Ted Lasso” aired on May 31.

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