Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Is Spilling The Beans On Chris’ Shredded Body

Listen up, fitness people (which may or may not be us), because Chris Hemsworth’s trainer is spilling the tea on how Chris gets that insanely shredded body!

The bad news? It may just require being a 6’4, blonde god with a chef and private gym –Oh, and also a “tonne of cash” according to Chris’ personal trainer.

Luke Zocchi, the man behind who has been helping “Thor” sculpt his abs gave us a candid view of the hard work that goes into the perfect superhero physique.

“It’s like a body builder stepping out on show – a lot of hard work goes into it,” he said about the actor’s movie body debut.

However, there is one thing he wants us to be sure of; Chris does not take steroids.

“I can honestly say, Chris has never done it,” he said. “People think that is bullsh**t, that he must be on something. I swear to God, he’s so conscious about health – he would never put anything like that in his body.”

To provide us with a little faith in reality, Luke also pointed out that the “Thor” we see on the big screen is not the real Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth in the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer
Chris Hemsworth in the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer (Marvel)

“He starts (each film shoot) huge but I can tell by the end he is slowly getting smaller” he said in reference to the actor’s rippled muscles. “That’s why we normally do the shirt-off scene at the start.”

So, the moral of the story is a movie body STAYS in the movie. But the key to a real-life Chris Hemsworth body? Eating right, staying consistent, and accepting that everybody’s body is different.

Reassuring, right?

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