Chace Crawford Admits It’s Hard To Use The Bathroom In His ‘The Boys’ Costume

Chace Crawford is back, reprising his role as The Deep in Season 4 of “The Boys” and he promises the new season is “chaotic” and “wild.”

Fans expect no less from the hit Prime show, known for its eccentric flare and storylines. Chace’s character, The Deep, has been put in many peculiar situations throughout the years and the 38-year-old actor told Access Hollywood he loves playing the aquatic superhero.

“They let me improv,” he told Access. “They let me kind of throw in some jokes and kind of let me push it past the limit of where they actually want me to go. But a lot of that stuff makes it in the final cut and the same with Antony [Starr] and the same with all the actors. I guess my character lends itself to levity and comedy a bit, so I get to kind of have more fun than most with the character and so that’s the most fun for me is just trying to get people to laugh.”

Chace has been playing the quirky superhero since 2019 and throughout the years he’s mastered putting his costume on in record time.

“I’ve gotten that thing down to like, I can get it on in like 7, 8 minutes. It used to be like 20, now I can get that thing on like really quick,” he said. “It’s kind of tailor made to our bodies and so it actually fits really comfortably like a glove, and it definitely like, when I get that suit on, I’m like ‘Oh I’m back, I’m back in it,’ so I kind of snap into character right away. It’s very easy for me.”

Although his costume fits like a glove, Chace admits it does come with some difficulties, joking it “is really hard to use the restroom” with it on.

Season 4 of “The Boys” returns to Prime June 13.

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