Beyoncé Reveals Her Hopes Before 40th Birthday In Unearthed Clip

What are Beyonce’s hopes ahead of her 40th birthday?

On the most recent episode of Access Hollywood’s “The Vault” podcast, hosts Scott Evans and Zuri Hall are looking back at some of our most memorable interviews with Queen Bey herself – and even in her twenties, fresh off the success of Destiny’s Child and her solo career, Beyoncé had big plans for her future life.

Beyoncé, who will be turning 40 on Sept. 4 this year, revealed her hopes in an unearthed interview with Access Hollywood in 2011.

“Before I hit the age of 40 I would love to have some children,” the now-mother of three revealed to Access Hollywood.

Beyonce’s planning back in 2011 definitely paid off.  Just one year after that interview in 2011, Beyonce welcomed her first child with husband Jay Z, Blue Ivy.

Blue Ivy is now 9 and the couple also are parents to 3-year-old twins Sir and Rumi Carter. But kids weren’t the only thing she was hoping to accomplish.

“I would love to direct — continue to learn videos and maybe by then a film, a short film. (Or) a documentary, I love documentaries,” she shared. “I’d love for my company to grow and to develop younger artists and take the wisdom and all of my life experiences and be able to pass them and develop deserving young talent. I’d love to continue to grow as an entrepreneur. I just hope that I’m happy, into my children and well-adjusted and making still making music if that makes me happy at that time.”

The Grammy winner has also accomplished those goals as well.

She’s directed multiple projects, including her “Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé” documentary on HBO as well as many video shorts and the TV special, “Beyoncé: Lemonade.”

In addition to that, her goal of mentoring young artists has also come to fruition in her mentorship of Chloe x Halle, who she discovered on YouTube, and brought into her label Parkwood Entertainment. The two talented sisters have since become major stars!

There’s no denying that Bey is now one of the world’s top superstars, but she also revealed in a clip to Access Hollywood in 2006 that she didn’t always have the confidence she does now. Back in 2006, Beyonce was in her early twenties and she revealed that she actually was really nervous about her role on “Dreamgirls.”

She opened up sharing about the time she first met Jennifer Hudson and told her co-star how “terrified” she was about the project.

“I already know that she’s an incredible singer because I watched her on ‘American Idol’ and I said, ‘I’m Beyonce and I’m scared, I’m terrified and I just want you to know that we’re all scared and learning together,’” she said. “You know, we would help each other out and we’re all Virgos and we just had the time of my life.”

For more of Beyonce’s uncovered throwback interviews check out “The Vault” podcas below.

— Stephanie Swaim

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