Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Rave Over Working Together On ‘Air’: ‘I’m Just Very, Very Lucky’

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are back at it again!

The longtime pals both attended the Los Angeles premiere of their new movie “Air” on Monday night.

“Air” retells the story behind Nike’s partnership with basketball legend Michael Jordan and the launch of the Air Jordan sneaker.

While on the red carpet, Ben, who directed the biographical pic, shared with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans the one request he got from the NBA legend.

“Offhandedly I was like who do you see playing your mother and he says ‘Viola Davis,’” Ben shared. “He was just like that’s it. There was no second pick.”

The “Air” premiere was also a special reunion for Matt and Ben!

The two first worked together in the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting” and went on to collaborate several more times, including on 2021’s “The Last Duel.”

While talking to Access, Matt admitted they have “committed” to working together more.

“[What] we kinda committed to doing more is working together because we have so much fun and life is short and you get into the second half and you start to realize how short it is,” he told Access. “We realized if we don’t work together and really be proactive about it it’s not going to happen and so we’re really making an effort to try to do that.”

On the red carpet, both Matt and Ben admitted the premiere of “Air” felt like the 1997 premiere of “Good Will Hunting,” but although the two have come a long way since then, one thing remains the same—their friendship.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Dazzle At Star-Studded Premiere For ‘Air’

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Dazzle At Star-Studded Premiere For ‘Air’

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“If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who is like a ride or die for four and a half decades, it’s wonderful,” he said. “One friend like that, it fills up a lifetime. We feel really blessed and lucky to be able to have these careers.”

Ben echoed this gushing over his love for Matt.

“You don’t need a lot of really good friends in life, but you need one or two that’s going to love you and stand by you and is really going to love you and be your friend for who you are,” he said. “Someone who you can trust and has integrity and I’m just very, very lucky. I love the guy. To be able to work with him and us to be working together after all these years is a blessing that I do not take for granted.”

“Air” hits theaters April 5.

-Emely Navarro & Lauren Herbert

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