Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals The Inspiration Behind His New Action Series ‘FUBAR’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action!

The 75-year-old is starring in Netflix’s newest action comedy series “FUBAR,” which follows a CIA operative on the edge of retirement who discovers a family secret that forces him back into the field for one final job.

The role required Arnold to get his hands dirty once more and do some killer action scenes alongside his on-screen daughter Monica Barbaro. And it turns out the show was loosely inspired by one of Arnold’s famous films “True Lies.”

“We tried for years, and years, and years to do a sequel for ‘True Lies,’ then we thought about a TV series. Then finally it became a reality,” he told Access Hollywood at “FUBAR’s” Los Angeles premiere. “When [the creator] came to me and said, ‘Arnold, would you like to do a TV series,’ I said – well, it was not the first thing that came to my mind – but I said, ‘What do you have in mind?’”

The “FUBAR” creators then pitched him the series, and he was instantly sold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: From 'Terminator' To Governator & Beyond

Arnold Schwarzenegger: From ‘Terminator’ To Governator & Beyond

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“I said, ‘I love it, let’s do that.’ So, they wrote it up and [creator] Nick Santora did a fantastic job with his first kind of 20 pages, and they sucked me into it,” he told Access.

The series also shows off “The Terminator” star’s comedy chops, which is something Arnold really enjoyed doing.

“I got so excited when I read this action and then I ready the funny, all of that stuff,” he said.

His co-star Monica had nothing but great things to say about the action star.

“It was so fun! We had a great time,” she said. “We got along really well, but also gave each other a hard time just enough for us to have that fighting chemistry, it was great.”

“FUBAR” starts streaming on Netflix on May 25.

-Emely Navarro

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