Lil Nas X Brings His Ex-Boyfriend Yai To ‘Maury’ And There’s Major Drama!

Brace yourselves – Lil Nas X and his ex-boyfriend Yai are appearing on an upcoming episode of Maury Povich’s hit show, “Maury” – and you guessed it, there’s major drama!

The teaser for the “Maury” show dropped today and in it, Lil Nas X, who identifies himself as Montero, confronts his ex, Yai, over the fact that he apparently is in a relationship on the side. What’s more!? Yai is married to a woman.

“Montero found the love of his life, but was shocked to discover Yai was married…with a child! Is Yai the dad?” Maury says in signature style, displaying a pic of Yai “married” to a woman with whom he has a child named Noah.

“Me and Yai have been together for a month and a half,” Montero tells the woman, who replies, “You’re a liar!”

But who is the father of Noah!? Well, thankfully Maury (the king of tv show paternity tests) has a paternity test on tap to get down to the truth.

Roses are thrown, tears are shed, drama is on point – and it’s all dropping on “Maury” on November 17. Until then, let us all let this teaser hold us over.

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